Board of Directors & Officers

Listed below are our FY2022 Board of Directors and Officers. All Director and Officer positions are strictly volunteer and are essential to the everyday operation and success of our organization. You can learn more about each department’s accomplishments by browsing our Annual Reports.

The BSRA holds a yearly election for our Board of Directors. All regular members in good standing are eligible to vote, run for, and hold office.

Elected Board of Directors

President: Bradley H. Clarke

Vice President: Thomas Athearn

Secretary: Thaddeus S. Anderson

Treasurer: Charles Bahne, Jr.

Publications Director: Michael R. Prescott

RollSign Director & Editor: Nicholas M. Tomkavage

Director of Car Restoration: David F. Harling

Director-at-Large: Jonathan Belcher

Director-at-Large: Daniel R. Cohen

Librarian: James Gately

Appointed Positions & Officers

Publications Warehouse Manager: Ron Clough

Webmaster & Digital Manager: Michael R. Prescott

Entertainment Chairman: Lucius Chiaraviglio

Entertainment Committee: George Chiasson, Jr., Thaddeus S. Anderson, Dana Frisbee

Honorary Appointments

President Emeritus: Bill Grimes

Contact information for the BSRA is located here. For information on volunteering, click here.