5706 Streetcar Restoration

The BSRA funds and manages the restoration of a historic “Type 5” Boston streetcar, No. 5706, which was built for the Boston Elevated Railway by J.G. Brill Co. in 1924. It was acquired by our founding members in 1959, and the BSRA has been actively preserving and restoring the car ever since.

Streetcar 5706 at Arborway in Boston.
Boston Type 5 Streetcar No. 5706 is seen at Arborway in January, 1959. This is the car the BSRA acquired and is presently restoring. Jim Kreuzberger Photo.

Recent Progress

In recent years, the restoration has reached new milestones. In 2013, we completed the final steelwork on the carbody, which entailed riveting in many places where temporary bolts and clamps had been used. We also purchased new top flooring used between the seats and the aisles. Thanks to great momentum like this (and contributions from 259 donors in the past year), the restoration of 5706 is rapidly nearing completion.

As of 2021, No. 5706 is now in Virginia at a dedicated shop site, where it will soon enter an intense final phase of restoration and assembly.

The 5706 Restoration Fund

Despite all our recent advancements, there remains much to be done. We are actively seeking public, corporate, and member support for this long-standin project. Your tax-deductible donations to the 5706 Fund are greatly appreciated, and they will help us reach our ultimate goal of an operating streetcar and a living piece of Boston’s transit history.