Entertainment Reports

Each month, talented volunteers (who are usually also BSRA members) present content relating to public transit past and present. This includes vintage and contemporary slides, photographs, films, DVDs, and lectures. The subject matter can also range from Boston and New England-centric to cities and transit systems around the country, the continent, and the world.

Our Entertainment Chairman, Lucius Chiaraviglio, documents each presentation, and below we provide these reports as PDFs for archival purposes, for attendees to refresh their memories, and for prospective attendees to see the types of presentations we feature. Be sure to join us at an upcoming meeting and experience transit of yesteryear!

2016 Meeting Reports
January 9, 2016:
Vintage Boston: Green Line and Beyond by Clark Frazier

February 6, 2016:
RollSign Archives by Nick Tomkavage

March 5, 2016:
The T, Then and Now by Henry Marrec

April 2, 2016:
A Baltic Sea Outing by Herb Pence

May 7, 2016:
The Trams of Milan by Peter Ehrlich

June 4, 2016:
More Trolleys in the South, and the Sacramento Northern In motion by Donald Nevin

July 9, 2016:
Traction in Worcester and Environs by Leo Sullivan

2015 Meeting Reports
January 10, 2015:
That 70’s (Slide) Show, Part 2 by George Chiasson

February 7, 2015:
Western Europe by Herb Pence

March 7, 2015:
The Bachelors’ NRHS Convention Adventure, Pt. 1 by Leonard Bachelder

April 4, 2015:
The MTA, 1958-1963 by Clark Frazier

June 6, 2015:
Street Railways of Greater Boston: The Horsecar and Early Electric Era, 1853-1905 by Stuart Spina

July 11, 2015:
Southern & Mid-Atlantic Trolley Videos by Donald Nevin

August 1, 2015:
San Francisco’s F-Line by Peter Ehrlich

September 12, 2015:
South Coast Rail Project Update by MassDOT

October 3, 2015:
The Bachelors’ NRHS Convention Adventure, Pt. 2 by Leonard Bachelder

November 7, 2015:
New York City Area Commuter Rail: The 1950s to 1970s by Eric Oszustowicz

December 5, 2015:
Seashore Trolley Museum Update by Jim Schantz

2014 Meeting Reports
January 11, 2014:
A Spanish and Dutch Outing by Herb Pence

February 1, 2014:
American Victoriana: The Architecture of Charles Brigham by David Russo

March 1, 2014:
Transit and Weather Together by Todd Glickman

April 5, 2014:
1930s and 1940s Trolley Videos by Donald Nevin

June 6, 2014:
Key System & Sacramento Northern by Clark Frazier

July 12, 2014:
Boston in Transition by Loring Lawrence

August 2, 2014:
Boston Transit Memories by Bradley H. Clarke

September 6, 2014:
Boston’s Orange Line by Andrew Elder & Jeremy Fox

October 4, 2014:
A MassDOT Special by MassDOT

November 1, 2014:
Portugal, Land of the Semi-Convertible by Donald Nevin

December 6, 2014:
The Race Underground by Doug Most