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Stories of the MBTA's Grand Junction Branch

APRIL 1, 2023An Unknown Boston Transit Lifeline. RollSign contributor and head of the YouTube channel “Boston By Rails”, Nathan Ives will present his favorite catches on the MBTA’s Grand Junction Branch over the past few years, whilst also explaining the importance of the line to the MBTA commuter rail. He will also cover the history and the interesting future the line holds, as well as sharing some common misconceptions that go along with the Grand Junction. Photos of stone trains, vital equipment moves, and more! Come along to learn about this fascinating line.


Massachusetts Horsecar History

Cambridge and Boston Horsecar

New to our site, download a free PDF copy of "Hourly Coaches, Omnibuses, and Horse Railroads: A History of Horse-Drawn Transit in Massachusetts" by Thomas J. Humphrey! Click below to view and download now.

FEATURED PHOTO: MBTA Trackless Trolley No. 4110 lays over at Waverley Square in Belmont, MA on its final night of service, March 12, 2022; RTS No. 0309 makes a cameo appearance in the background. Photo © Mike Prescott.