Make a Donation

The BSRA has succeeded for over 60 years because of generous donations from members, supporters, and friends like you. We deeply appreciate every donation, regardless of size. As an all-volunteer organization with no paid help, all funds received are used for our programs and will be well spent.

We currently maintain two funds that serve as the “core” of our organization:

5706 Restoration Fund

Our 5706 Restoration Fund helps to restore the historic Boston streetcar around which the BSRA was founded in 1959.

General Fund

Our General Fund helps to cover the Association’s special projects and operating costs—everything from our monthly meetings to software for book production.

Donating to both funds?

We are working on a unified form with which to donate to both funds at once, but at this time you must complete the two transactions separately using the links above. We apologize for the inconvenience, and deeply appreciate your donations!

Donation receipts

No matter how you make your donation, or how much you give, you’ll receive a receipt by mail for your tax-deductible donation.