Railfan Safety Statement

Railfanning in Boston is a popular and worth-while activity, especially given Boston’s vast and rich transportation history. However, there are dangers involved, and trespassing is illegal. Please take a moment to read our official statement on railfanning in Boston and beyond:

Trespassing for any purpose in transit facilities, tunnels, and tracks is illegal and extremely dangerous. The BSRA does not condone it in any form, for any reason.

We are concerned with the actions of some local media outlets, which have published articles that tend to glorify this life-threatening activity. Such stories may encourage copycat behavior, which can result in serious injury.

Some of our own online and print content may contain photographs, video, diagrams, and/or written accounts of restricted areas. To the best of our knowledge, these were obtained legally and while accompanied by official personnel when required, and do not imply our endorsement of trespassing activities.

— BSRA Board of Directors, September 2011