Long Island Rail Road: Montauk Branch


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East of Babylon, the 75-mile segment of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) stretching from Bay Shore to Montauk is a non-electrified stretch of double-track to Sayville, where it becomes single-track to Montauk. Presently, there are 16 active passenger stations along the route. In years past, there were a total of 32 passenger stations and a signal tower. Several highly significant historic events occurred at stations on this branch. At Montauk Station, Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders disembarked for quarantine upon return from Cuba after the Spanish-American War. At Amagansett Station, Nazi spies purchased train tickets in 1942 for travel to New York City with the intent to engage in acts of sabotage. It was at Westhampton Station that valiant firefighters prevented the building from being destroyed during the 1995 Long Island wildfire. During summer months, ridership on the east end of the branch increases dramatically in order to serve persons vacationing at east end resorts, where they can enjoy quaint shops and the beautiful beaches.

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