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The City of Revere can trace its roots back to the precolonial period of New England history. As the original thirteen colonies grew, so did Rumney Marsh, which later was named Revere after colonial patriot Paul Revere. The City of Revere was made famous due to its selection as the first public beach in the United States. Revere Beach grew slowly from a hunting and fishing spot for Native Americans into the premier destination for amusements in the New England area. The first amusement park was Wonderland and has been compared to the modern Disney World; sadly, it closed as quickly as it opened, but entertainment entrepreneurs saw the value in recreational activities on a public beach and quickly acted to build amusements, hotels, and nightclubs along the boulevard. Aside from the amusements, Revere was also home to Suffolk Downs Racetrack and Wonderland Dog Track. Today the amusements and racetracks are all gone, and the city has nearly doubled its population since that bygone era. Today, the city of Revere is a bustling bedroom community and is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Boston. Many notable people have come from Revere, including Tony Conigliaro,
Red Sox ballplayer; Freddy Boom, Boom Cannon singer; and Jack Haley, the actor who played the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz.

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