Philadelphia’s Streetcar Heritage


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The first electric streetcar line in Philadelphia opened in 1892. Streetcar lines were merged into the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company (PRT) in 1902 to achieve a unified system. There were 1,500 new streetcars purchased by 1913, which was the largest fleet of standardized streetcars ever purchased by one transit company. Ridership dropped during the Depression, and PRT reorganized as the Philadelphia Transportation Company (PTC) in 1940. After National City Lines (NCL) obtained control of PTC in 1955, many streetcar lines became bus operated. Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) acquired PTC in 1968. The overhaul of 112 PCC cars began in 1979. Kawasaki built 112 light rail vehicles for the subway surface lines. With buses taking over Route 15 in 1992, only five subway surface lines remained. SEPTA restored Route 15 streetcar service in 2005 using Brookville Equipment Corporation rebuilt PCCII cars. This book documents the city’s streetcars, including Fairmount Park Trolleys and trackless trolleys.

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Kenneth C. Springirth


Arcadia Publishing




128 pages