The Railroads that Ran Along the Edge of the Road



Author Frank Kyper spent many of his formative years in towns and cities throughout Vermont and New Hampshire, spending the 1940s through the 1970s moving around the area with his family. His free time was spent exploring local railroads like the Springfield Terminal, Claremont & Concord, Montpelier & Barre, Clarendon & Pittsford, and even the Mount Washington Cog Railway. His travels and interests in the region also put him in contact with the Rutland and the various branch lines of the Boston & Maine, and placed him front and center for the early formation of Steamtown and the Conway Scenic Railroad. His personal contacts with several railroad officials at the time gave him access to information as events unfolded that would drastically alter the landscape of New England railroading, and he documented these changes in real time. This book features a mix of color and black & white photos, painting a picture of classic New England railroading. 

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Frank Kyper


Garbely Publishing




172 pages