Railroads of Delmarva


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Starting with one of the oldest railroad lines in the United States, the Delmarva Peninsula holds a unique place in the history of railroading in the country. Prior to the advent of the “iron horse,” the area had seen little growth in population and was struggling to get goods to market, as well as supplies brought into the area. The three states that make up the area—all of Delaware and the eastern shores of Maryland and Virginia—were known to have some of the best fields and orchards, a bountiful seafood harvest, and some of the richest woodlands in America. The area flourished with the introduction of the railroad. While passenger service was certainly a part of the railroad’s plans, make no mistake, it was these riches that made the area swell with people while small towns became flush with income. Some of the most profitable divisions of the railroad industry were based on the Delmarva Peninsula.

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