Railroad Stations of Delmarva Through Time


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The railroad station was at the heart of every town the trains passed through on Delmarva. These buildings were more than walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs—they served as the very heartbeat of their community. More than freight and passengers traveled through these buildings. News came in from the outside world, family members arrived home, and in a number of cases, they served as the town meeting place or a spot for locals to “chew the fat.” From grand three-story structures designed by some of America’s most famous architects to small stations described by locals as nothing more than goat barns, the railroad stations of Delmarva ran the gamut of architectural design. Some rail lines chose a standard design to rapidly construct their stations while other lines chose a more unique design and varied construction methods. At its peak, the railroad stations of Delmarva numbered nearly 400 strong. Passenger service ended long ago, and with it most of these structures were eventually torn down. Thankfully, several stations survive today, and it is these monuments that we travel to in the pages of this book.

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